BordaTex – The strength of two companies combined

Since BordaTex was founded in 2021 the company has had two strong collaborators behind it. Even though BordaTex’s products are one of the first of their kind and are revolutionizing the Nordic market, BordaTex is no startup. Behind it stands the two established companies: Texi and Borda.

Texi is a Nordic textile logistics solution company using high-end RFID-technology to track work clothes and textiles in several industries. Very similarly, Borda uses the same technology to track other non-disposable assets within hospitals all over the world.

Not keeping accurate track of medical assets can be detrimental not only to the hospital staff’s work environment but also to the quality of the care patients receive. If staff have to spend time searching for missing items, they have less time and energy to tend to patients. With Borda’s and Texi’s solutions for tracking vital medical assets and textiles, the entire healthcare industry can be made safer, more efficient and more cost-effective.

Joining forces and creating BordaTex, the two companies combine Nordic, local expertise with extensive healthcare-focused experience. Together, we will make healthcare better!

Beginning in Norway – The story of Texi

Texi had its beginning in Norway, 1994. Vidar Kvalheim, the owner of a laundromat noticed many of his customers had difficulties keeping track of and maintaining proper hygiene when it came to their work uniforms. Then and there, Kvalheim began investigating how he could decrease textile waste and increase hygiene and safety within hospitals, food distributors and other vulnerable industries.

Fast forward to 2022 and Texi now has installations, strong relationships, and a well-established reputation across Scandinavia. Texi works closely with their customers and views them as long-term partners. Not only does Texi make sure they’re educating and building trust among potential customers long before an installation has even taken place, but they keep working closely long after the installation is done.

During the installation process, the most important thing for Texi is that their customers are comfortable, feel seen and receive what they expect. By acting as project manager, giving support and placing extra care in follow-ups, Texi’s installations effortlessly provide safe systems for textile logistics.

Rising demand for tracking assets

As a successful and appreciated tracking system for textiles, Texi began getting requests from their customers to help them track other products and materials. Accurately tracking work clothes saves time, money and energy for employees across several industries. Imagine how much more you could gain by accurately tracking other assets? No wonder Texi’s customers started requesting an expansion of Texi’s services!

Enter; Borda!

Borda – IoT for healthcare across the world

Borda started developing IoT solutions for tracking medical assets within hospitals over 15 years ago. With easily implemented tags and locators, hospital staff can view exactly where their assets are at all times. Through a straightforward software program, assets are counted, tracked and handled automatically. Staff can simply point a hand scanner across a room to count everything tagged in it, meaning they never have to count anything manually ever again.

Borda works with hundreds of hospitals all over Europe, the Middle East and the United States to streamline their daily procedures and identify bottlenecks. Optimizing hospital patient flow, increasing safety and allowing for better asset inventory results in more patients receiving more efficient care.

Texi and Borda’s shared goals and values

Texi and Borda decided to join forces in their aim to increase efficiency, safety and quality within healthcare. The two companies bonded over common values, and together they created BordaTex.

Therefore, BordaTex is the only company authorized to sell, manage and distribute Borda’s IoT solutions in the Nordic countries. BordaTex supplies the Nordic market with Texi’s and Borda’s separate solutions, allowing BordaTex to stand on its own legs but with giant muscles behind it. Borda and Texi provide BordaTex with existing expertise in the industry, relevant contacts and financial stability.

BordaTex provides unique support on the Nordic market

While there are other tracking systems available, there are none like BordaTex. BordaTex offer tracking systems from one distributor, which means one software, one support system and only one purchase. Every tracking need for a hospital, all in one place.

Texi’s Scandinavian roots give BordaTex Nordic, local expertise. Thanks to Texi’s experience and knowledge of the Nordic healthcare industry, BordaTex has an accurate overview of the needs and culture of the hospitals.

Moreover, Borda’s extensive experience with healthcare and large hospitals has resulted in effective tools specifically developed for hospital use only. BordaTex therefore has a 100% focus on medical providers and the needs they experience. The products withstand disinfectant liquids, water and both low and high temperatures. The software programs are easy to use and do not require staff to be IT professionals.

Everything from hygiene demands to practical use, BordaTex’s solutions have hospital personnel in mind.

BordaTex – For better healthcare

With the combined force of Texi and Borda, the sky’s the limit for BordaTex. The goal is to become the leading Nordic distributor of logistics systems for hospitals and help streamline the entire healthcare industry. Together, we want to help medical providers give patients the best possible care.


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